Of Simla and the Jakhu peak

It was a pleasant surprise this morning when a friend sent me the URL of the vignette, "The muse rises in Shimla" from The Tribune. The article quotes my nugget poem on the Jakhu peak that I wrote and published in 2001. It is heartening to see that my work has survived seven full years in this age of instant messaging and push-button publishing.

Many thanks, Shriniwas, for caring to discuss my poem. I just wanted to add that I was not visiting Jakhu at that time. I spent most of my childhood in Simla living at the other end of the city--Summer Hill--from where Jakhu is visible as the highest point in the city. The night-time view of the peak is brilliant--it looks like a vast expanse of light!

In fact, I visited Jakhu for the first time very recently--in 2007 when I returned to the city as a tourist.

Now, finally, the poem.


On the ban
sits the ape
and wonders

Who coloured the sky
and pinned it
to the Jakhu peak?